Mayor Garcetti Goes to Jury Duty, Tweets About It

Even Mayor Eric Garcetti, head honcho of one of the largest cities in America, doesn’t have an excuse to get out of jury duty. 

So where did he spend his Monday? At the Superior Court of Los Angeles. 

Garcetti Jury Duty

We’ve got to give Garcetti credit: he’s great on Twitter. Not only does he give us these jury duty updates, but he also responds regularly to constituents who tweet their problems and questions to him. Trash not getting picked up? Angry about an inconvenient parking lot? Potholes on your street? Mayor Garcetti is there to help. 

Garcetti Trash

Even when he’s not your guy, he’ll connect you to the right person to talk to! What a mayor. 

Garcetti Parking Lot

And yes, it's really him!

Really Garcetti on Twitter

Follow Mayor Garcetti on Twitter: @ericgarcetti

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