CA Cities Named Happiest, Healthiest in America

When it comes to health and happiness, cities in the Golden State are faring pretty well.

Prevention Magazine looked a host of factors, including everything from FBI crime statistics to the number of farmers’ markets in a given city, and determined the “25 Healthiest and Happiest Cities in America.” And four California cities have made the top 10. 

San Jose, California took the #1 spot, thanks to the widespread availability and consumption of organic foods. The city, Prevention notes, is devoted to increasing access to healthy nutrition. The magazine, for instance, highlights an ordinance recently passed by the city council which allows vendors to sell fresh produce outside of schools, community centers, and places of worship. 

Salt Lake City, Utah came in at #2 because of its low cancer rate, combined with one of the best cancer survival rates in the nation. It was followed by the heart-healthy City of Minneapolis, Minnesota at #3. 

Anaheim, California also made the list, coming in at #4, because it earned the top score in fitness. In addition to widespread access to fitness facilities, Anaheim residents, on average, maintain a healthy body weight. Of course, being home to “The Happiest Place on Earth” probably didn’t hurt the city’s score. 

Rounding out the top 5 was San Diego, California which has the most physically active residents, according to Prevention. With 70 miles of coastline and plenty of hiking trails, San Diegans apparently have a healthy affinity for outdoor activities. 

San Francisco made the list as well, coming it at #7. 

Read more about the happiest and healthiest cities in America and see a full list here.  


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