Colma City Manager Laura Allen Leaving The Golden State

After eight years with the city, Colma City Manager Laura Allen is leaving her post. Allen has been hired as the new town administrator for Berlin, Maryland, a community on the state’s Eastern Shore where Allen spent many childhood summers. 

“Berlin’s a really great community,” Allen said. “It’s larger than the town I’m managing now. It has some, for me, some professional opportunities that will come with the job.” 

Berlin has about 4,000 residents, compared to Colma’s 1,800. Still, Allen said, Colma is a small city with “a very big heart.” The desire to be closer to family members was a primary consideration for the move, as her family owns a farm in the nearby community of Neavitt, Maryland.

Allen first joined Colma as assistant city manager in 2005. She was promoted to interim city manager in August of 2008 following Diane McGrath’s retirement and then officially appointed to the position in March of 2009

Allen is replacing Berlin Town Administrator Tony Carson, who will officially depart on June 28.  Allen, who has nearly two decades of experience in the public sector and a master’s degree in public administration, stood out among dozens of applicants because of her experience in government finance and management, said Berlin Mayor Gee Williams. In addition to helping Berlin find its next planning director, Allen says she looks forward to working on the city’s stormwater utility program. 

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