Vallejo Launches Re-Designed Website to Build on Communication and Transparency Efforts

The city of Vallejo is starting off the new year with a new website. In an attempt to build on transparency and citizen engagement after launching participatory budgeting, city officials hope the newly enhanced website is yet another sign the city is on the mend after declaring bankruptcy in 2008. The redesigned website will make it easier for residents to find information.

New design features include new Attractions & Events and Living Here sections to highlight Vallejo's arts, recreation, cultural and educational assets. There is also one stop permit support provided by the City's Economic Development Department to ensure that prospective investors and builders have easy access. Residents will also be able to sign up for various newsletters to stay up-to-date and contact information has been expanded.

Daniel E. Keen, City Manager, commented, “Our new website demonstrates the strong commitment of our organization to improve access to information for our community, providing multiple opportunities for simple two way communication. The re-designed website is also an important new asset for Vallejo's residents, businesses, visitors and prospective investors.  Vallejo is establishing a strong financial foundation and has great assets to support future growth.  The new design and functionality of the website should make it much easier to find essential information about Vallejo, and to access the many services we provide.”

The city reportedly spent $90,000 on the makeover. Check out the new website for yourself here.

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