Ontario Officials Adopt Strategic Business Plan as Fight Continues for Local Control of Airport

The city of Ontario continues to work toward taking back local control of the Ontario Airport as part of the “Set ONTario Free” campaign. The city and other regional leaders have long argued that local control is the best option to improve operations at the struggling facility and enhance economic development, but they must wrestle control from Los Angeles. We’ve relayed previously that a multi-jurisdictional alliance has come together in support of the transfer and in the latest news, the Ontario International Airport Authority (OIAA) adopted a Strategic Business Plan Executive Summary to set the primary goals that will guide decision makers, leaders and managers in creating success for the airport.

The OIAA is charged with ensuring that if Ontario takes back control of the airport, it will have the pieces in place to accomplish the following four goals: “reducing airline costs, developing airport-related businesses, expanding air service and providing customer-friendly facilities and services.”

Ontario City Manager Chris Hughes continues to negotiate over the transfer of the airport and the Strategic Business plan “lends credibility to what our turnaround strategy is and the direction we are going with it," according to OIAA President and Ontario City Council Member Alan D. Wapner.

The Commissioners of the OIAA are Ontario City Council Member Alan D. Wapner (President), Ontario Mayor pro Tem Jim W. Bowman, San Bernardino County Supervisor Gary Ovitt (Vice President), Retired Riverside Mayor Ronald O. Loveridge (Secretary) and Orange County Business Council President and CEO Lucy Dunn.

The OIAA will next meet on Monday, February 4, 2013.

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