Land Dispute: Industry Tussles with Former Mayor over Unauthorized Use of City Property

The city of Industry’s former mayor, Dave Perez, abruptly resigned back in June after being on the council since 2002. While Perez reportedly cited health reasons as the cause for his sudden departure, it appears a dispute with the city may also have led to his decision as only now more details have emerged about the tussle. Perez, as well as his family, operate garbage-hauling and recycling companies and according to city officials, the former mayor used around 20 acres to store debris and massive garbage containers.

The problem is that the city contends Perez didn’t have permission to use the land, which has led both sides to threaten lawsuits and Industry is demanding rent for use of the property. Reportedly the city’s property was used as storage since 2004 by Perez and his company and the parcels of land border property owned by Perez.

As a way to avoid going to court, a proposed settlement agreement has stipulated both sides should try and resolve the matter, but it’s not clear if they will see eye-to-eye.

The Valley Tribune reports: “The city has no record of a contract with the Perez family regarding the property on Chestnut, according to a public records act request. The settlement agreement, which still needs approval from a city oversight board and the California Department of Finance, states that Industry officials want the garbage companies to start paying rent and to have the land cleared by Aug. 31, 2014.”

The city ultimately plans on selling the land. See more here

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