Los Alamitos Voters Re-Elect Former Mayor Who Resigned after National Controversy

Remember that guy who created a national controversy for forwarding an email depicting a watermelon patch on the front lawn of the White House? Well, that guy was former Los Alamitos mayor Dean Grose, and it appears the city has forgiving voters because Grose was just re-elected to the council. After three years, voters were willing to set aside national scorn of Grose and heeded his calls to “move on.”

He clinched one of two spots on the council after resigning in 2009 due to the racist email. This is the second time that Grose tried to get re-elected after his resignation and it seems the second time was a charm, as he’ll join Richard Murphy, a local real estate broker, as the other winning candidate.

The email Grose forwarded contained a cartoon captioned "No Easter egg hunt this year" with watermelons on the White House lawn. The OC Register points out that “Since his resignation, Grose has continued to be an active participant in local affairs, including holding a post on the Orange County GOP Central Committee and chairman of the Regional Military Affairs Committee.” He was also endorsed by the Orange County GOP and prominent Republicans.

Here’s what Grose said at a recent candidate forum: “As we go through life, we also do things, some things, we later regret. That particular instant I received a cartoon, laughed and thought it was cute and forwarded it on to a couple of friends. I didn’t understand at the time the impact that it would have. I understand that now, I have a great deal more sensitivity than I did at that particular point ... I have apologized to my colleagues that were on the council at the time and also the community. It’s time to move on. There are some folks in the community that believe that’s not possible. I do. We’ll let the voters make that decision.”

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