A Fork in the Road: Carlsbad Officials Deal with Fork Rebellion

During our journey on the road of life we often come across a fork in the road, but in the city of Carlsbad, residents literally came to a fork in the road. Make that a giant 6-foot fork painted silver and placed on an island that splits a road into two. The actual fork in the road made local residents laugh and a photographer snapped some photos before the city got involved. Yes, city officials in Carlsbad are being accused of having a poor sense of humor because they took down the large fork, which was crafted by a retired school teacher who wanted to stay anonymous due to fears he would be fined.

The city released the following statement: “Although the fork in the road remains, the literal fork was removed this morning. We appreciate the creativity, but it's not legal or safe to put objects like this on public streets or medians."
The Fork in the Road
Local residents want the fork back and are hoping the city might change its mind because they argue it’s just a harmless piece of art. CNN reports that Carlsbad Communications Manager Kristina Ray stated the following: "If the artist would like to propose to donate this art to the city, we do have a process through our Cultural Arts Office to consider it. He or she could get in touch with us to learn more about this process."

Who knew that a fork would be a sign of rebellion? After the city removed the giant fork, someone put up the following sign:
That sign was then promptly removed but residents didn’t stop there. They then started taping regular-sized forks to signs:
Forks Return ....

Long live forks!

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