America’s Millennial Mayors: The Youngest Mayors in the Country at Home in Local Office

Say what you will about the Millennial generation, some of these whippersnappers are serving as the youngest mayors in the country. Apparently with the job market being so bad for young Americans, running for local office might not be such a bad idea. Here’s a rundown on some of America’s youngest mayors, as presented by the Atlantic, with two mayors being from CA:

Mayor Jeremy Yamaguchi
Age: 22
Placentia, CA

Facts: Elected to city council at 19; Elected mayor before earning his political science degree from Cal State Fullerton; Lives at home with his parents.

Mayor Alex Morse
Age: 23
Holyoke, Massachusetts
Population: 39,880

Fun fact: City's first openly gay mayor – founded LGBT nonprofit Holyoke for All. What they say about Morse: “The joke was that they were going to bring diapers and talcum powder, rattles, and all these baby accoutrements to City Hall to accommodate our arrival,” said Morse's Chief of Staff. “Then, when we showed up with the axe and started chopping folks’ heads off, the tenor changed. No one is talking any shit now.”

Mayor Laura Martinez
Age: 27
City: East Palo Alto, California
Population: 28,155
Fun fact: She was born one year after the city was incorporated.

What they say about Martinez: On the election of Martinez: "Unlike in past years, when the election of the new mayor became a source of contention at the council meeting, this year's council reorganization went without a hitch."

Mayor Zachary Vruwink
Age: 24
City: Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Population: 18,367
Fun fact: Founded ZAXX Technology Specialists at 15 that’s still running.
What he says: "We've learned our lesson not having a diverse economy in this community," Vruwink told The Wisconsin State Journal. "How do we focus on entrepreneurs? We really need to attract and retain young adults to the community. It isn't just keeping them here after high school, it's getting them here after college and making sure Wisconsin Rapids is a destination."

See some of the nation’s other young mayors (in cities of at least 10,000 people) here.

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