The Pie is Shrinking: Cuts to CDBG Funding Leave Cities with Tough Choices

During the past two years, the federal government has cut $1 billion from Community Development Block Grant funding, which has left cities to make some tough choices about community development work in light of dwindling funds. Bill Huang, Pasadena’s housing director, is quoted as saying, “I don't think people realize how much the program has been cut.”

The San Gabriel Tribune highlights some of the choices that cities face in the region since many are dealing with cuts of 25 to 35 percent to their Community Development Block Grant funds. One example is El Monte, which will see its CDBG funds drop 20%, which means community programs will be getting a smaller share of the pie due to reduced funding.

The Tribune notes, “In Whittier, where CDBG funds are used to pay for social services for the poor and senior citizens, as well repairs for dilapidated homes, the funding level is going to drop by 25 percent. ‘All of those are going to take a hit,’ said Community Development Director Aldo Schindler.”

Limited CDBG resources is bound to make an impact on communities in cities across the state, especially when there is a greater demand for the services and programs that these funds support in light of economic hardship. See more here.

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