Climate Action Plan and Business Development Highlighted in Benicia’s Strong Cities Profile

One of the earliest California towns, Benicia was founded in 1849 and in 1852 it was the third city in California to incorporate. In addition, in 1852 Benicia served as the newly minted State of California's third capital. With its thriving industrial park and historic downtown, Benicia has been featured in Money's "Best Places to Live," Nick Jr. Family Magazine's "Most Playful Towns in America," San Francisco Magazine, Dog Fancy, The New York Times and a recent spread in Sunset, featuring unique shops and restaurants. Benicia’s success stories include the following:

  • Climate Action Plan: In 2009, the City of Benicia was an early leader among the increasing number of California communities developing plans to address climate change at the local level, adopting the first Climate Action Plan in Solano County.
  • Business Development Action Plan: As the Great Recession ravaged local municipalities, Benicia leaders saw a rare opportunity to prepare for future prosperity.
  • Green Solid Waste Contract: The City’s new agreement with Allied sets diversion goals of 75% Citywide and 90% for the City itself. It encourages recycling and reduction of waste by rewarding customers who recycle.

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