Five New Faces to Restock Fullerton’s Council? Mayor Announces Assembly Run; Recall

Depending on the results of June and November’s elections, Fullerton’s City Council could undergo some major changes if five new faces snag a seat, as three council members have been targeted for a recall vote, one council member is up for re-election in November, and Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva has announced that she plans to run for state Assembly in the newly-created District 65, which is comprised of Fullerton, Buena Park, Cypress, La Palma, Stanton and part of Anaheim.

Quirk-Silva has been on the council for 8 years and has decided to take her chances against incumbent Chris Norby, who also happened to formerly serve as mayor of Fullerton. Norby was interviewed by the OC Register about his new challenger and he commented, “I don't think the seat is winnable by a Democrat. I've got a 2-percent Republican majority. Even the newer parts of my district, I think I'm well known in. I think I'm well-positioned to be re-elected, and I think I deserve to be re-elected.”

As for that recall election, we relayed last month that signatures were validated and Councilmen F. Richard Jones, Don Bankhead and Pat McKinley are the targets of the recall, which was triggered by anger over the death of a homeless man who was beaten by police officers. Friday was the deadline for candidates to file papers to run in the special election. A list of the 13 candidates applying for the three seats is as follows:

Councilman Jones’ Seat:

  • Roberta Reid, student
  • Travis Kiger, planning commissioner,
  • Glenn P. Georgieff, IT specialist
  • Mathew Hakim, musician/artist
  • Dorothy Birsic

Councilman Bankhead’s Seat:

Councilman McKinley’s Seat:

  • Matthew Rowe, aerospace project manager,
  • Doug Chaffee, business attorney,
  • Barry Levinson
  • Sean Paden

Campaign statements can be read here.

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